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     "Ánimam" is an instrumental album written by brazilian musician/composer Gustavo Santhiago.
     The title connects itself to the origin of life. The Latin word anima means soul, life, but mostly blow. Inflected in animam, it gives the impression that the subject of the intrinsic action, who breathes life is the supreme being.
    The sound is powerful and has all the elements that a progressive rock work should have. Beautiful melodies with medieval, celtic and contemporary reminiscences are amalgamated with consistency plots sometimes complex, topped by superb solos using a wide range of moog tones, organ and flute (there is also room, on the theme "Ilusões", for a "grand finale" guitar, beautifully performed by Ricardo Santhiago). Most sounds have a vintage appeal, but the end result is a timeless masterpiece.
     Dynamic changes and, sometimes, tempo changes, always critical points in this genre compositions, are viewed with complete ease and integrated seamlessly in the design conceived by the author. The sound is also often descriptive and seems to have been conceived as a soundtrack for some imaginary film.

Giuseppe Lenti

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